Daniel McAnitinie (York County, Pennsylvania, 1771), by Lillian McAninch

The following ad appeared in the Pennsylvania Gazette, a weekly newspaper published in

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Number 2245; January 2, 1772; page 4?) [Pages not numbered]:

    F O U R P O U N D S Reward

    Ran away, the 15th of December last [December 1771], from the subscribers, living in

    Carrol's Tract, York county [sic, one 'l', lower-case 'c'], two Irish servant men, one named

    DANIEL M'ANITINIE, a well set fellow, about 21 years of age, about 5 feet 8 inches high,

    of a fair complexion, has no hair on the crown of his head, and speaks very bad English.

    Had on an old blanket coat, old blue and white jacket, new cloth breeches, strings in his shoes,

    an old grey wig, a linen cap and a felt hat. The other calls himself JAMES M'CORMICK,

    about 27 or 28 years old, 5 feet 6 inches high, well made, of a fair complexion, speaks good

    English, supposed to have been in this country before. Had on, and took with him, a green coat

    and waistcoat, a brown coat, and black everlasting breeches. Whoever takes up and secures

    said servants in goal, or brings them to their masters, shall have the above reward of

    Forty Shillings each, and reasonable charges, paid by Michael Finley and John Crawford.

Source Notes:

[1] This ad transcribed from microfilm on Feb. 12, 2000, at the Prescott, Arizona, Public Library,

    by Lillian McAninch, 1917 North Fleet St., Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314 (address in 2000)

[2] Microfilm owned by Arkansas State University Library: Penn. Gazette, Jan. 6, 1772 - Dec. 28,

    1774; Reel 16, 283402. The reel and item numbers appear to be assigned by the lending library.

[3] The above issue of Philadelphia Gazette was printed in Philadelphia by David Hall and by

    William Sellers "at the New Printing Office, near the Market."

[4] This issue included two other ads for runaways. Both offered rewards of 20 shillings, which

    seemed to be the norm in other issues viewed [why were Daniel and James worth 40 each? /fm]

[5] The Penn. Gazette reference to Daniel McAnitinie first found in Family Tree Maker CD 257,

    "Irish Immigrants to North America, 1803-1871" (Broderbund Software, Inc.), which indexes

    nine books on Irish immigrants. CD 257 cites Irish Emigrants in North America, Part III, by

    David Dobson (Fife, St Andrews, 1996). The reprinted three books in one, Irish Emigrants in

    North America, by David Dobson (Baltimore, Maryland, Clearfield, 1998; Part III, p. 17)

    gives the following: "MCANITINIE, DANIEL, born 1750 in Ireland, an indentured servant

    who absconded from his masters M. Finlay [sic, Finley?] and J. Crawford in Carrol’s Tract

    [sic, one ‘l’], York County, Pennsylvania, 15. 12. 1771 [Pennsylvania Gazette #2245]"

[6] Neither Daniel "McAnitinie" (checked all 'Daniel's with surnames beginning with A, C or M)

    nor James McCormick listed in the index of Record of Indentures [1771-1773] of Individuals

    Bound Out as Apprentices, Servants, Etc. and of German and Other Redemptioners in the

    Office of the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, October 3, 1771 to October 5, 1773, pub.1973,

    Penn. German Society Proceedings and Addresses, XVI, 1907, Gen. Pub. Co., Baltimore Md.

[7] Brief abstracts of ads for runaways may also be found in Runaway Servants, Convicts and

    Apprentices Advertised in the Pennsylvania Gazette 1728-1796, by Farley Grubb, Baltimore,.

    Gen. Pub. Co., 1992. The Daniel McAnitinie abstract, page 108, gives master’s name, county,

    ad publication date, ethnicity, age, number of days since escape, height, and reward amount.

8] Could this be our Daniel McAninch, born ca.1750, County Antrim, Ulster, (northern) Ireland?

    Remember, this was published in 1772, and the original (hand-written) spelling has been lost.

McAninch Family History NL, VIII-2  April 2000  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 2000-12

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