Polly S. Harlan was (Mary) Polly Susanna(h) McAninch (1830-1853), daughter of Samuel McAninch and (Mary) Polly (Skidmore) McAninch [5th daughter of Samuel, 4th daughter of  Polly (Skidmore)]. (Mary) Polly Susan(nah) McAninch became the first wife of John Smith Harlan (1823-1908) [John S. Harlan, also incorrectly transcribed as John L. Harlan]. John and Polly were married on 11 Jan. 1849, in Hendricks County; two-and-a-half years later, they buried their first son in this cemetery:

[1] 5. Oliver Harlan / born Dec. 19, 1849 / died Aug. 20, 1851 / son of J. & P.S. Harlan.


John Smith Harlan (1823-1908) was the oldest son of Enoch Harlan (1798-1840) and Rachel (Osborn) Harlan (1797-1871); the elder Enoch Harlan and his family were Quakers, from Guilford County, North Carolina; Enoch and Rachel are buried in the Mill Creek Cemetery, in the records of the Mill Creek Monthly Meeting, in Hendricks County [5e] [46].


In 1850, John Smith Harlan and his family are in Franklin Township [46], neighbors on the same page with Samuel McAninch and his family [10]:

“Hardin [sic], John S. 26 Farmer b.N.C. / [Harlan] Mary S. 19 b.KY / Oliver 8/12 b.IN”.


Three years later, (Mary) Polly Susan(nah) (McAninch) Harlan died, and was herself buried here, in the (Old) Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery:

[1] 14. Polly S. Harlan / died Dec. 24, 1853 / wife of John S. Harlan / aged 23 yr 22 da.


John Smith Harlan then married (second) Arminta McAninch (1833-1902), youngest daughter of Samuel and (Mary) Polly (Skidmore) McAninch [6th daughter of Samuel, 5th daughter of Polly]. Later, John and Arminta ‘Mint’ Harlan also went to Iowa; Arminta died in 1902, John died in 1908, and they are both buried in the Ringgold Cemetery, Ringgold County, Iowa.


Enoch Harlan, younger brother of John Smith Harlan, was born 16 Oct. 1838, in Hendricks County. The younger Enoch can also be found on the same Franklin Township page in the 1850 census, in the household of Rachel (Osborn) Harlan, widow of the elder Enoch Harlan [45]:

Rachel Harlan, 52, b.North Carolina; Stephen, 26, ditto [N.C.]; Melinda, 23, ditto [N.C.]; Elizabeth, 18, ditto [N.C.]; Rachel, 16, ditto [N.C.]; James, 12, b.Indiana; and Enoch, 10, ditto [Indiana].


Enoch Harlan (1838-1918), married Susan(nah) Elizabeth Phillips, on 5 May 1867, in Hendricks County [24]; Susan(nah), born 11 Nov. 1841, in Hendricks County, was the daughter of Samuel Phillips (1808-1880) and Rachel (Newman) Phillips (1818-1901) (see Phillips section, below). Enoch’s wife Susan died in 1903, and Enoch died in 1918; this Enoch Harlan, and his wife, Susan (Phillips) Harlan, are both buried in the Amo Cemetery [5b], not at Pleasant Hill.



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