California: Two McAninch Families in Placer County, San Francisco, and

Alameda County, California, and in the gold country of Manhattan, Nye County, Nevada

There are multiple records of the “John M. McAninch” and “James M. McAninch” families in

Placer County, California, in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s (after the California Gold Rush),

with extensions into the early-1900's gold mining boom in Manhattan, Nye County, Nevada.

Placer County, California, starts just north-east of Sacramento, and runs all the way east to the

north shore of Lake Tahoe and the Nevada state line, high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Placer County was set off in 1851, from Yuba and Sutter Counties, and Auburn is the county seat.

Placer County is a large county, over 1500 square miles, with elevations rising from about 100

feet above sea level near Sacramento, to 9000-foot peaks near Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe

[Placer County information, history, maps, etc., available online at].

Timeline: “John M. McAninch” and “James M. McAninch” Families in Placer County,

San Francisco, and Alameda County, California, and gold in Manhattan, Nye County, Nevada


John M. McAninch was born Feb. 1860, in (northern) Ireland [Notes 1, 3, 4, 6, 17, 18]

John, 23 in 1880 [1], 40, b.”Feb. 1860” in 1900 [3], 50 in 1910 [4], and 57 in 1920 [6]

b.Ireland [1,3,4,6,17,18] [prob. County Antrim, see > Surname >

A Look at the Mc(ac)A/I/Ninch(sh) Surname(s), Where They Might be from in Ireland]


James M. McAninch was born ca.1863-1866, in (northern) Ireland

James, age 47 in the 1910 census [Note 5], and 54 in the 1920 census [Note 7]


Immigration, John M. McAninch (age ~16) [per 1920 census, Note 6]


Immigration, James M. McAninch (age ~13-14) [per 1920 census, Note 7]


John McAninch, single, living in Sacramento [Note 1]; James, not found in 1880 [2]


John M. McAninch, Naturalization, 22 July 1884, Superior Court, Placer County [8]


1884, 1886 and 1888: John registered to vote, Forest Hill, Placer County, California [8]


Butcher Ranch, Placer County, was a farming settlement located on Stony Hill Turnpike

about 10 miles east of Auburn. A post office was established here in 1871. By the early

1880's, the settlement also included a drug store, hotel, and blacksmith shop. The post

office was discontinued in 1935. []


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