Eleven early McA/Ninch’s in western Pennsylvania  


1.  First Generation: Six McA/Ninch’s in early western Pennsylvania 

2.  Second Generation: (at least) Four McA/Ninch’s in early western Pennsylvania

3.  Second Generation? Third Generation? John McAninch born 23 Feb. 1821 

4.  Contemporary First Generation (William) Alexander McAninch in Central Pennsylvania 


First Generation: Six McA/Ninch’s in early western Pennsylvania        


There were six different ‘First Generation’ McA/Ninch’s (‘1G’s) in early western Pennsylvania, 

and at least another four different ‘Second Generation’ McA/Ninch’s (‘2G’s) in the same area.  


The six ‘First Generation’ McA/Ninch’s (Daniel, John, Archibald, two Williams, and Henry),

are listed here in chronological order by date of birth (local designations 1G:1, 1G:2 . . .  1G:6).


Two of these ‘First Generation’ men, Daniel (1G:1) b.1750-1755 and William (1G:4) b.bef.1765

are related (brothers or cousins), and went to Kentucky together. However, there are no proven

family connections (yet) among the other four McA/Ninch’s and their families:

John McAninch (1G:2) b.ca.1760, Archibald McNinch (1G:3) b.1760-1765,

William McAninch (1G:5) b.1770-1775, and Henry McAninch (1G:6) b.1777.



Daniel McAninch, born 1750-1755, Ireland [prob. County Antrim, Ulster Province,


(northern) Ireland]; Westmoreland County, 1790 [First Census of the United States];  


Shenandoah Valley, eastern Tennessee, and through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky;


one of the McAninch pioneers in Lincoln County and Casey County, Kentucky [Note 1].


Daniels’ five known sons (John, Samuel, George A., Daniel, and ?Henry) founded the


McAninch lines in southern Kentucky, central Indiana, and Giles County, Tennessee.




John McAninch, born ca.1760, Ireland [prob. born in Ulster Province, (northern) Ireland];


Westmoreland County, 1790 [First Census of the United States]; John acquired land 1795


in (Old) Buffalo Township (Allegheny County, then Armstrong County, set off in 1800);


'original' John McAninch (b.ca.1760, d.ca.Oct.1839) was an Armstrong County pioneer,


and his sons are the 'three brothers' described in Jefferson County history books [Note 2].




Archibald McA/Ninch, born 1760-1765, Ireland [prob. Ulster Prov., (northern) Ireland]; 


Westmoreland Rangers, 1794; Armstrong County, 1807, 1808, 1810; went to Scioto and


and Franklin Counties, Ohio; pension, 1832, died before 1838, Franklin County [Note 3].


Archibald had four sons; the earliest two (b.1779-1784, and b.1800-1810, ?Pennsylvania)


have not been identified; the later two sons (Andrew, and Archibald Jr.), went to Ohio.



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