Stewart McAninch in Nevada: Part II: 1891 to 1899


Stewart McAninch in Nevada, 1883 to 1899, and then Stewart McAnish in Oregon


Reference: “Stewart McAninch in Nevada: Part I: Through the 1891 Marriage” article

(McAninch Family History Newsletter, MFHN v.XVII n.1, January 2009, pg. 2009-01)


Stewart McAninch first appears on the scene in the summer of 1883, when he purchases a house

and lot on Main St. in Bristol, Lincoln County, Nevada [Note 17, see Part I article]. Bristol is a

mining district town (elevation 7000 feet) northwest of Pioche in Lincoln County, Nevada; Bristol

[Notes 18, 19, Part I] [Note 25] was the central supply and regional support town for a large number

of mining districts north and north-west of Pioche (county seat of Lincoln County) [Note 5, Part I].


Almost eight years later, Stewart McAninch (age 40) and Victoria L. Tucker (age 25) were married

on 25 April 1891, by George F. Talbot, District Judge, and the marriage was recorded a month later

in Nye County, Nevada (Belmont was still the county seat, until 1905) [see Notes 20, 21, in Part I].


Two of Victoria’s siblings also married in the local area, but nothing more is known about them.

On 29 March 1883, Victoria’s older sister, Mary C. Tucker (age 20), married George D. Haggerty,

at Bristol, Lincoln County [26.a.], and later, on 2 Sept. 1897, her younger brother, Robert L. Tucker

(age 30), married Kate Smith at Delamar, Lincoln County [26.b.].


If George and Mary (Tucker) Haggerty were living at Bristol between 1883 and 1891, could Mary

have been responsible for introducing Stewart McAninch and her younger sister Victoria Tucker?


Living in Bristol since 1883, Stewart McAninch was clearly associated with the ‘mining business’

of the area, although we have no record of his exact occupation (miner?, prospector?, merchant?).


During the next five years after the marriage, Stewart bought and sold some mining claims in

the Groom Mining District [27] and in the Silver King Mining District [28]. Both of these two

mining claim transactions are recorded in the Mining Deeds (not in the Real Estate Deeds), and

both transactions are with members of the Wheatley family (was there a Wheatley company?).


On 27 April 1892, Stewart bought a quarter-share of the five Wheatley mines in the Silver King

Mining District for $800 (five mines: Ida, Iron, Highbridge, Saser [sic], and Schiller mines) [29].

Almost four years later, on 14 January 1896, Stewart sold his part (again, a quarter share) in two

other mines (Groom Mining District, not Silver King) to William Wheatley, for only $100 [30].


On 14 June 1893, Stewart and Victoria L. (Tucker) McAninch had their first son, John S.

There is only one known record of this birth, a brief mention in the Pioche newspaper [31] --

“Born. / At White River, Nev., June 14th, 1893, to the wife of Stewart McAnish [sic], a son.”



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