Pennsylvania: 1800 census Philadelphia: “John Mackinish  0 0 0 0 1 - 1 0 1 0 1 ”, four people --

1 Male over 45 [John himself, born Before 1755], 1 Female 0-10 [(?) daughter, born 1790-1800],

1 Female 16-25 [(?) dau., born 1775-1784], and 1 Female over 45 [(?) his wife, born Before 1755].

National Archives, M32, Roll 43, City of Philadelphia, South Mulberry Ward (township), page 71.

[index “Mackinwh, John, 71:09 CPhl SM”, reported by Dorothy Goudy McAninch, Wheeling WV]


Scotland: surname “MacAnsh. Disguised form of MacAngus. James M’Ance was a merchant burgess of Dumfries before 1678.” The Surnames of Scotland, Their Origin, Meaning, and History, by George F. Black, Ph.D., pub. 1946, by New York Public Library, Eighth Reprinting 1986, pg. 453.


Scotland: vs. Mc/Mac Canish, which is a different surname, not to be confused with McA/I/Ninch --

“MacCanish. Thomas McKanyss was burgess of Glasgow, 1524. John M’Caniss in Ballechragan in record, 1664, and Alexander M’Canish of Garvalt in record, 1698. It is very probable that the present day MacAnish, MacAinish, and MacAinsh families of Perthshire are descended from the old MacCanish sept of Atholl, and also that they were not of MacInnes or MacAngus origin, but really a branch of the MacNish stock in Atholl”.

Black, The Surnames of Scotland, published by New York Public Library, pg. 464.



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